Sunday, January 22, 2006

3Com Launches V6000 Enterprise VoIP and IM Platform

3Com introduced its new V6000 Integrated Branch Communications platform for running centrally-managed, business continuity applications, including SIP-based IP Messaging, IP Mobility, IP Contact Center, IP Conferencing and Presence. The new V6000, which runs 3Com's VCX IP Telephony module and convergence applications, is designed for medium to large, geographically distributed enterprises.

Should the WAN between sites be lost, the IP Telephony and IP Messaging applications running on the V6000 can work totally independent of the corporate headquarter system. Once the network becomes operational, the VCX systems will automatically resume normal networking operations. Even in the extreme event of a failure of the local V6000 server, the 3Com IP phones will automatically re-route to the central site server running the VCX system for call control.