Wednesday, January 4, 2006

2Wire Offers Outdoor Broadband Home Gateway for FTTP, VDSL2

2Wire announced an outdoor broadband home gateway that mounts to the side of the subscriber's home in a hardened, weather-resistant enclosure. The 2Wire's HomePortal 4000 series iNID (intelligent Network Interface Device) puts all gateway functions and all service and network terminations to the side of the house, eliminating the need to bring DSL into the house, thereby preventing the signal loss that is typical of in-home wiring. The location at the side of the house, near the existing telephone Network Interface Device, also allows for an easy connection to be made between the iNID's integrated VoIP function and the home's existing phone wiring. The outdoor location also provides carrier technicians with easy access to home coaxial cable wiring which can be reused to distribute high speed LAN technologies throughout the home to video set-top boxes and other networked consumer devices.

A customer-installable power module inside the home powers the iNID through the home's existing phone wiring, while the iNID's integrated battery provides backup power. An optional customer-installable 802.11g Wi-Fi modules also available. The gateway itself is packed with value-added applications such as Content Screening, Internet Access Control, Firewall Monitor, and Web Remote Access.


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