Sunday, January 1, 2006

1394 Trade Association and Pulse~LINK Demo Bi-Directional HDTV Streaming over Coax

Pulse~LINK and the 1394 Trade Association will demonstrate the first bi-directional video streaming of 1394 S400 over coax featuring 400Mbps of application layer throughput at this week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The demonstration, which will be held in the High-Definition Audio-Video Network Alliance (HANA) booth, will showcase how Pulse~LINK's CWave-On-Coax and the 1394TA's S400 interface provide a whole-home distribution capability that can run over pre-existing in-home coax cable and co-exist with legacy cable and satellite programming.

The demonstration will consist of two 1394- enabled CWave UWB transceivers, one in the Trade Association's booth and another in the Pulse~LINK booth, with splitters and several hundred feet of coax cable between them. 1394 HDTV audio and video will be streamed bi- directionally between the two booths in the HANA suite, showing how coax cable in the home works as a broadband backbone with 400Mbps application layer throughput for seamlessly transporting multiple simultaneous streams of digital content to 1394-equipped devices throughout the home.