Monday, October 10, 2005

Virtela Introduces Global Remote Monitoring & Management Services

Virtela, which provides global secure networking services, introduced a new Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) suite that provides a single point of contact for monitoring, managing and reporting on customer-owned IT infrastructure on a worldwide basis, including WANs, LANs, WLANs, servers, IP telephony, and security devices.

Virtela operates a global, multi-carrier MPLS network with dynamic best path routing and automatic failover capabilities. Network and Security Operations Centers in Denver and Mumbai, India monitor and manage outsourced customer networks. The new Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) suite lets customers maintain control of and visibility into their infrastructures via on-line ticketing, reporting, and administration using a Web portal. The services also provide certified, hands-on expertise for managing and troubleshooting platforms from major equipment vendors worldwide.

Salira Names Former Corning Exec as CEO

Salira Systems, a provider of Gigabit Ethernet Passive Optical Network (GEPON) systems, named Dr. Yanming Liu as its new President and CEO. Dr. Liu was inventor and one of the principal developers of Corning's LEAF fiber. Subsequently, he led the international technical marketing of the LEAF fiber, which became a multi-billion dollar product line. Liu has held several management positions, including VP Business Development at Optovia and VP Marketing and Strategic Development at Walsin Management Company.

GlowPoint Hires Rothschild to Explore Possible Sale

Glowpoint, an IP-based video communications service provider, has engaged Rothschild as its financial advisor to explore strategic alternatives for the company, including investment opportunities, as well as a possible merger or sale of all or part of its business.

GlowPoint, which is based in New Jersey, offers video conferencing, bridging and IP broadcasting services to enterprises, SOHOs, broadcasters and consumers worldwide. The company said its network has carried over 23 million IP video minutes, with an average of more than 20,000 video calls per month worldwide.

GlowPoint has a strategic partnership with Sony Electronics for Sony to license and private label the company's "Instant Video Everywhere" or IVE solution under the brand Sony IVE powered by GlowPoint. IVE is currently being used as Sony's video service offering for its IPELA(R) line of IP-based videoconferencing and broadcast hardware products.

ECI Supplies Optical Backbone in Costa Rica

ICE (Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad), a government owned utility company in Costa Rica, selected ECI to deploy a complete optical transmission network across the country. The project, which is valued at $59 million, is based on ECI's XDM Multi-Service Provisioning Platform (MSPP). ECI will provide all aspects of the fiber installation and design, supply the fiber optic cables, digging of the fiber canals and ducting the fiber installation works of over 1000 km across the urban and rural areas of Costa Rica. The network will provide ICE with the needed capacity to deliver voice and data services to fixed and mobile subscribers.

ECI's XDM converged SDH and DWDM optical platforms enable up to 40 channels of 10 Gbps. In addition, the XDM platform handles ATM, point-to-point IP and Gigabit Ethernet. ECI's multi-dimensional management system incorporates different technology layers to allow operators multiple technology-centered views of the network, including SDH/SONET, optics, and Ethernet.

ECI's ST200 Edge Router Selected by River City

River City Internet Group, a Missouri corporation that owns eight operating companies that deliver IP based services enabling residential, enterprise and carriers with front office, backend, connectivity and management technologies, has selected ECI's ST200 edge router platform to consolidate its switching, routing and subscriber management.

As part of this new deal, River City will deploy ECI's ST200 series including the 8-port OC-3 card, 12-port channelized DS-3 card and the 4-port gigabit Ethernet card, plus enhanced provisioning and customer support services.

Ericsson to Introduce GSM 450

Ericsson confirmed that it intends to expand its GSM portfolio into the 450 MHz frequency band. GSM 450 enables cost-efficient GSM mobile coverage in markets that have not already been covered. The GSM 450 solution supports full global GSM roaming. Ericsson said GSM 450 will particularly help to bring mobile services to remote areas previously considered not feasible to cover.

Ericsson, together with major handset vendors, is driving the 450 solutions to enable product launch during 2006, depending on market demand.

Reef Point Hires Dennis Racca as VP of Engineering

Reef Point Systems, a start-up developing carrier-class security solutions for converged wireless and wireline networks, has appointed Dennis Racca as Vice President of Engineering. Raca co-founded Northchurch Communications, which pioneered the market for carrier-edge service routers and was later acquired by Alcatel. Racca has also held senior management positions at UB Networks and Newbridge Networks.

Reef Point Systems' Multiservice Security Gateway is massively scalable, securing up to half a million simultaneous connections. The gateway provides secure WiFi roaming and provides subscribers with confidentiality by encapsulating the call and signaling data in secure IPSec tunnels. It provides robust threat defense including stateful firewalls with Denial of Service attack prevention, intrusion detection services, custom firewall filtering, dynamic virtual routing with Network Address Translation, and session limiting to protect against external threats. Reef Point leverages patented Flow Application Streaming Technology and a mix of custom ASICs/FPGAs and network processors. It supports Internet Key Exchange v2 (IKEv2) and Extensible Authentication Protocol Method for GSM Subscriber Identity Modules (EAP-SIM) to provide scalable mutual authentication, encryption and data integrity safeguards for signaling, voice, and data.

Wintegra and Ikanos Team on VDSL2 Line Card Designs

Ikanos Communications and Wintegra have jointly developed a VDSL2 line card reference platform. Under the partnership agreement, Ikanos has integrated its SmartLeap 94xx family of VDSL2 chipsets with Wintegra's WinArrow Access Processors in a line card reference design.

The line card utilizes functionality partitioned between Wintegra network processors and Ikanos VDSL2 chipsets, enabling on-board QoS management, traffic shaping, ADSL termination, and bonding without expensive custom engineering. In addition, the tight integration between access processor and VDSL chipset functions offers the potential for higher performance than designs that employ larger numbers of components.

Strix Systems Names Nan Chen as VP of Marketing

Strix Systems, a start-up offering wireless mesh networking solutions, named Nan Chen as its vice president of marketing. Chen is the president of the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) and founding director of the 10 Gigabit Ethernet Alliance (10 GEA). Prior to Strix, Chen was vice president of marketing for Atrica. Before that, Chen was director of product management and product marketing at Force10 Networks.

Global Crossing Upgrades its IP VPN Service

Global Crossing announced a series of upgrades to its IP VPN portfolio, providing its enterprise customers worldwide with improved reliability, performance and flexibility. The company also announced that its IP VPN traffic has increased by more than 200% during the first three quarters of 2005. The new enhancements include the following:

  • Global Crossing's IP VPN service has been enhanced to extend an enterprise's routing domains across an MPLS-based IP VPN. This enables enterprises to preserve their existing routing topology and network infrastructure while seamlessly migrating from legacy networks to a converged IP environment.

  • IP VPN service enhancements also include IPv6 support. which simplifies mobile IP networking with improved routing and security capabilities.

  • Another new feature is Multicast service -- which reduces traffic by simultaneously delivering a single stream of converged voice, video and data to multiple end-points without additional send/receive requirements. Global Crossing ensures the security and segregation of the IP VPN multicast traffic from other multicast traffic.

  • New Managed VoIP features enable enterprises to route all IP and TDM voice traffic over the IP VPN for on-net toll by-pass and outbound termination to the PSTN with Global Crossing providing complete management of the on-net dial plan in the router. These two new features support the migration to IP convergence for enterprises with a Managed IP VPN.

  • Other new features supporting Remote VPN Access include managed network support and dynamic routing that provide a cost-effective business continuity solution for any site connected to Global Crossing IP VPN Service.

Global Crossing IP VPN Service options include Managed Solutions with Managed Network and Managed Security services, hosted RADIUS, flexible pricing and billing, stringent service level agreements (SLAs), and a multilink point-to-point (MLPPP) protocol that can connect multiple access circuits for efficient bandwidth utilization. Global Crossing offer an online account management tool that provides customers with access to their IP VPN service and enables them to view network utilization, manage their Hosted RADIUS accounts, and create and track trouble tickets.

Global Crossing Gains Mexico License to Sell International and LD Voice

The Mexican Ministry of Communications and Transportation has granted Global Crossing an amendment to its public telecommunications network concession, allowing it to provide voice services in Mexico. The company will now be permitted to sell voice services directly to Mexican-based businesses and carriers. The new services will enhance Global Crossing's portfolio of products for new and existing customers in the country. Global Crossing has been providing data services in Mexico since 1999.
  • In February 2005, Global Crossing announced that would provide international IP connectivity to interconnect the Telmex Group's operations in South America, Mexico and the United States, including its recently acquired assets in the region -- Embratel, AT&T Latin America, Metrored Argentina, Techtel and Chilesat, among others. Financial terms were not disclosed. Last year, Global Crossing and Telmex de Mexico signed a commercial agreement for bilateral voice interconnection, which allows Global Crossing to send traffic to Mexico and Telmex to transport long-distance voice traffic to the United States. Telmex has been Global Crossing's primary local access provider for data services in Mexico since 2001.

Nokia to Support GSM at 450 MHz

Nokia voiced its support for GSM on the 450 MHz frequency band, saying it believes that a GSM450 frequency is a viable solution in providing affordable handsets and mobile voice-centered services to new growth areas with a low teledensity.

The company believes that for regions licensing a 450 MHz frequency band, GSM technology can provide a cost conscious alternative and thus enable mobile communications for a broad consumer base in very price sensitive markets.

WebEx Launches WebOffice Service

WebEx Communications launched two new business collaboration offerings designed for small businesses and individuals.

  • WebEx WebOffice Workgroup -- Designed to meet the collaboration and web meeting needs of small businesses with five or more users, WebOffice Workgroup provides a complete collaboration suite including a document manager, group calendar, database manager, task manager and several other collaborative business tools. WebOffice Workgroup pricing starts at $59.95 for five users. Users can add web meetings for an additional $49.95 per month per host.

  • WebEx WebOffice Personal -- Tailored to the requirements of the individual professional, WebOffice Personal provides users with real-time web meetings, document manager, task manager, online calendar, and contact manager. WebOffice Personal is offered at $49.95 per month.

The company said these two new products are the first in a planned series of WebEx WebOffice offerings designed to meet the requirements of customers ranging from large enterprises to individual users.

WebEx also launched MeetMeNow, a web meeting service designed specifically for the individual professional and priced at $49 per month. MeetMeNow allows users to conduct unlimited instant meetings with up to 10 attendees. With MeetMeNow, the user can

  • Share the entire desktop in real-time, complete with rich annotation

  • Launch meetings directly from the Windows system tray, Outlook,
    Yahoo!, MSN Messenger, or AIM

  • Access all of the features necessary to host effective online meetings from an always-available meeting control panel

  • Invite attendees to join a conference call

  • Pass control of documents or applications to any attendee in real-time

WebEx delivers all its solutions over the WebEx MediaTone Network, a global network specifically designed for the delivery of on-demand applications. The WebEx MediaTone Network uses a distributed architecture and a patented, high-speed data switching technology to provide superior performance, enterprise-grade security and unmatched reliability.

Verizon DSL to Offer Yahoo! Music Unlimited

Verizon Online will begin offering Yahoo! Music Unlimited subscription service to its DSL customers. Yahoo! Music Unlimited allows customers to play tunes from a catalog of more than one million songs, transfer tracks to compatible portable devices and enjoy the unique ability to browse and listen to friends' collections of subscription music and playlists via Yahoo! Messenger. Verizon will offer this a premium service for an annual fee of $59.88 or monthly subscription of $6.99.

Narad Names Michael Collette as CEO

Narad Networks, a supplier of broadband access solutions for cable operators, named Michael Collette as CEO, replacing John C. Petrillo, who will remain chairman of the company's board. Prior to joining Narad, Collette was CEO of Ucentric Systems, a leading provider of home media networking software for the connected home. John C. Petrillo, former CEO of Narad, will remain Chairman of the company's board.

Narad also announced it has secured additional funding to support the company's ongoing operations as well as the roll out of its new switching platform-based product, the FTTxSWITCH, which will support fiber to the node (FTTN), fiber to the curb (FTTC), and fiber to the premise (FTTP) topologies using fiber, coax or wireless links to the end user.

Princeton Lightwave Licenses IBM Single-Photon Detection Technology

Princeton Lightwave has licensed IBM's single-photon detection (SPD) technology. An SPD is an essential component of quantum cryptography systems, which enable extremely secure communications even in the presence of eavesdropping. Quantum cryptography systems are being developed for government and financial institutions and are expected to find widespread use. Single-photon detectors are also useful in a variety of optical and semiconductor test and measurement applications and in some areas of scientific research.

The IBM SPD technology was developed at its Almaden Research Center in San Jose, Calif. with partial funding by the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's (DARPA) Quantum Information Science and Technology (QuIST) program. SPD units produced by IBM have been deployed successfully by QuIST participants in a prototype metro-area network.

Princeton Lightwave plans to continue development of the SPD technology by combining it with a recently announced InGaAs/InP avalanche photodiode (APD) that has been specifically optimized for single-photon counting performance. The company said that by integrating this photodetector with the IBM technology, it will be able to provide customers with a high-performance solution for their single-photon counting applications.

Dynavar to Resell Riverstone Carrier Ethernet in the Americas

Dynavar Networking, one of North America's leading systems integrators, will resell and provide turn-key support services for Riverstone's broad portfolio of carrier Ethernet routers. The companies are targeting CLECs and Independent Operating Companies (IOCs) providing residential and business services in the U.S. and Canada. The relationship has already yielded wins with a number of customers.

MSN to Offer RealNetworks' Music Subscription service

Microsoft and RealNetworks announced a settlement in their long-running legal dispute, with Microsoft agreeing to pay Real a $460 million up-front cash payment to resolve all damages claims and a series of technology licenses and commitments under which Real will obtain long-term access to important Windows Media technologies that will enhance Real's media software solutions.

The companies also announced a music and games distribution agreement under which Microsoft will pay $301 million in cash to Real and provide services over 18 months in support of Real's product development, distribution, and promotional activities.

The music collaboration agreement includes the following elements:

  • MSN Messenger users will be able to share and play music while
    chatting, from the library of over 1 million songs in Rhapsody, in a
    convenient and legal way;

  • MSN Search will use Rhapsody's critically acclaimed music editorial catalogue to help users find the music they love and to discover new artists;

  • The two companies will jointly develop and implement a search integration plan which will enable Real's customers to easily use MSN
    Search within RealPlayer;

  • MSN Search will feature Rhapsody links to music in music related search results;

  • The agreement enables Real to purchase advertising on MSN Search and on the MSN Network to promote Rhapsody;

  • Both companies will promote the use of Windows Media portable devices for use with Rhapsody to Go.

Additionally, Microsoft and Real will collaborate in the casual games arena. Real will also develop a series of new casual games for Xbox Live Arcade for Xbox 360.

Nortel to Supply CDMA 2000 1X, EV-DO to Cricket, ANB

Nortel announced contracts collectively valued at US$130 million to supply CDMA2000 1X and 1xEV-DO wireless technology to Cricket Communications (a subsidiary of LEAP Wireless) and Alaska Native Broadband 1 License. The agreements with Leap and ANB call for Nortel to deploy CDMA2000 1X and EV-DO radio base stations, base station controllers, CDMA Packet MSC switching and other related equipment in various Leap markets and in additional markets that Leap and ANB obtained through the FCC's Auction 58 earlier in 2005. These markets include: San Diego, Houston and Temple/Killeen, Texas for Leap; and San Antonio, Austin, Cincinnati, Lexington, Louisville and Bryan/College Station, Texas for ANB.

Nortel recently replaced existing Leap infrastructure equipment in Modesto, Merced and Visalia, Calif., and was selected as the CDMA infrastructure supplier for Leap's new market build in Fresno, Calif.

Teledata and Octasic Partner on NGN VoIP

Teledata Networks and Octasic announced a technological partnership for the development of Next Generation Network VoIP capabilities. This cooperation is based on Teledata Networks' BroadAccess and HighPGate Multiservice Access Gateways (MSAGs), containing Octasic Semiconductor's OCT9360 chip, one of the major building blocks in Teledata Networks' integrated Media Gateway card.

Teledata Networks has selected Octasic technology to enhance BroadAccess and HighPGate with high-quality VoIP features, including echo cancellation, packet loss concealment and adaptive noise reduction. In addition, the solution supports several VoIP protocols (MGCP, H.248/Megaco), and functionalities such as fax relay and low bit-rate codecs.

Teledata Networks' MSAGs provide a single, compact solution combining the functionalities of an Access Gateway and a broadband access platform.