Saturday, May 14, 2005

Hong Kong's PCCW-IMS Launches Premium Wholesale Service for VoIP Providers

PCCW, the incumbent telco in Hong Kong, began offering a premium wholesale service for operators desiring to offer higher quality local VoIP to users over the PCCW-IMS broadband network. PCCW said the wholesale service was non-compulsory for VoIP providers and that its service would help ensure better VoIP quality for end users by providing dedicated routing for the traffic.

In a statement, PCCW said "Anyone subscribing to a VoIP service is advised to consult their service provider whether they have a Wholesale Network Usage Agreement with PCCW-IMS, or similar arrangements with other broadband network service providers. VoIP providers that opt to not subscribe to this service will not over time be able to ensure that time-sensitive voice packets are given priority over other data. That could result in poor call quality."