Saturday, April 30, 2005

Wynn Las Vegas Deploys IP Telephony from Avaya/Extreme

The new Wynn Las Vegas Resort and Country Club in Las Vegas deployed an integrated voice and data network using equipment from Avaya and Extreme Networks. The network delivers a host of communications capabilities, from centralized guest service functions to in-room communications, throughout the hotel and its 2,698 guest rooms.

In addition to providing high-speed Internet access in guest rooms, the hotel will use 4,000 color Avaya IP screen phones throughout the hotel, guest rooms and its customer service facilities to deliver a variety of services. The new IP phones will be rich with information about the hotel's services and will enable the guests to seamlessly access the hotel staff.

Wynn is also using phone applications from Citrix Systems to enable guests to use their Avaya IP screen phones as information kiosks.

The Wynn Las Vegas professional staff will also use Avaya Extension-to-Cellular, enabling the user's cellular phone to ring simultaneously when their office extension is dialed, for fewer missed calls and prompt guest service.

Wynn operators will use specialized software from System Development Company of New Hampshire. Functioning as the main answering console and database for Wynn Las Vegas, IntelliDESK will house guest information, such as do-not-disturb preferences and other special reach instructions, in order to expedite call and message delivery, in addition to wake-up call administration, voice messaging and other guest services.

NICE Systems is supplying solution for high-quality recording, monitoring and archiving of telephone conversations between guests and guest service representatives from 20 different departments, including room reservations, concierge, bell desk and limo services.

Juniper Networks and Avaya Expand Partnership

Juniper Networks and Avaya signed a global strategic partnership memorandum of understanding (MOU) to deliver secure converged communication solutions to enterprise customers worldwide.

The alliance will include joint development of converged solutions combining Avaya's enterprise communications and Juniper's security and routing strengths. The expanded relationship would also include agreements to allow the companies to resell each other's products and services, as well as a global services component to deliver services capabilities, including program management, remote network management and managed services.

Korea's SK Telecom Launches Satellite DMB Video for Mobiles

SK Telecom launched a satellite DMB service that delivers high-quality video broadcasts to a mobile phone or car-based video entertainment system. SK Telecom is initially delivering 11 video channels, 25 audio channels, and 3 data channels. Consumers in South Korea are able to receive the broadcasts either on mobile phones or in-car displays. The video uses MPEG-4 H.264 system and the music channels are furnished through a MPEG-2 AAC+ system.

In areas where the satellite view may be obstructed, such as alongside tall buildings, SK Telecom will boost its service using a signal "gap filler" from its mobile base stations and existing towers. The Ku-Band (13.824~13.883GHz) is used between the Signal Transmission Center and the satellite (which is positioned at 144 degrees east longitude), and the S-Band (2.630~2.655 GHz, 25MHz) is utilized between satellite and the mobile terminals. The Ku-Band (12.214~12.239GHz) is used between satellite and base stations providing supplemental signals.