Monday, December 5, 2005

Zhone Introduces VDSL2 CPE and Line Card

Zhone Technologies introduced its new VDSL2 customer premise equipment and VDSL2 line card for its Multi-Access Line Concentrator (MALC) Next-Generation Broadband Loop Carrier.

Zhone is using Conexant's VDSL2 CPE and CO chipsets.

As part of the new technology announcement, Zhone is also introducing a new VDSL2 addition to its comprehensive line of customer premise equipment. Key features include:

  • Compliant with ITU-T VDSL2/G.993.2, VDSL/G.993.1 ITU-T, ANSI T1-424, ETSI TS 101 270, and China MII VDSL standards

  • Long-reach support with US0 Band

  • Fully integrated ATM/PTM support

  • DSP integrates interleave memory required by high speed video applications

  • Programmable transmit power levels and PSD masks

  • Maximizes flexibility of deployment scenarios from CO, remote terminal or MxU

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