Monday, December 5, 2005

Telkonet Acquires Microwave Satellite Technologies

Telkonet, a provider of powerline carrier (PLC) networking solutions using existing electrical wiring, will acquire Microwave Satellite Technologies (MST), which offers sales, installation, and service of VSAT and business television networks, and is a full-service national ISP.

Telkonet said the $10 million cash and stock transaction will allow it to provide a triple-play solution of HDTV, VoIP and Internet access. The business strategy is to expand the existing operations concentrated in Manhattan throughout New York and to increase the Telkonet presence in other cities using the New York system as a template.

"We are extremely enthusiastic about MST's Interactive Wi-Fi hot-zone system which currently offers wireless Internet service and blankets a large portion of New York's Central Park. This system transmits the signal to a roof top receiver, which utilizes Telkonet's powerline carrier (PLC) technology as the backbone within the building to distribute voice, video and data to the customers' apartment buildings, hotels, and business environments. The ability to combine the Telkonet IP technology with the network capabilities of the MST solution creates a fully scalable and viable way to bundle services to existing network subscribers. We now have a perfect solution for the millions of multi-dwelling residents and multi-dwelling unit (MDU) owners who are searching for a complete voice, video and data package solution for their properties, while at the same time enabling Telkonet to build a valuable base of subscribers nationally," Ronald W. Pickett, President and CEO of Telkonet.

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