Monday, December 5, 2005

Tektronix Scales its Spectra2 VoIP Test Solution

Tektronix announced the availability of new Spectra2 Release 4.4 software that doubles the VoIP and converged network RTP large-scale load generation features of its Spectra2 VoIP testing solution. Additionally, release 4.4 introduces scripting of Bearer Independent Call Control (BICC) call models in its Monitor, Tester and Generator applications.

Spectra2 combined with the WTI RTP board performs large-scale media tests, allowing users to evaluate busy hour call capacity by simulating load under ever-increasing, real-world operating conditions.

The Spectra2 BICC Testing Package provides the ability to emulate the BICC Service Node (SN) for IP media bearer testing and BICC STC transport. BICC is designed to help carriers migrate from the PSTN to IP-based networks without loss of legacy network features and services. BICC is derived from ISUP and represents a critical step toward broadband multimedia networks, enabling the seamless migration of circuit-switched TDM networks to IP and high-capacity broadband multimedia networks. BICC also benefits users implementing the IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) architecture, which defines how IP networks should handle voice calls and data sessions, and supports the convergence of wireline, wireless and IP/broadband networks and services. The addition of BICC support for the Spectra2 allows carriers to ensure delivery of existing revenue-generating voice services in a converged network.

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