Monday, December 5, 2005

Siemens SURPASS IPTV Support Entone's STB for In-Home Coax Wiring

Siemens Communications will integrate Entone Technology's Hydra IP Video Gateway set-top box as part of its SURPASS Home Entertainment portfolio of IPTV solutions.

The Entone box enables service providers to use existing coaxial wiring for video distribution within homes. The Entone Hydra set-top box also enables line sharing for simultaneous viewing and Internet access. The Hydra box supports up to three simultaneous video streams over a single DSL, FTTH or Ethernet connection. The single box also supports high-speed data and telephone features, such as Caller ID. Furthermore, the unit provides a RF remote allowing channel changing and control of the set top box throughout the home.

The SURPASS Home Entertainment solution includes the Myrio Interactive Development Kit (iDK), which facilitates the integration of the Myrio IPTV middleware platform with set-top boxes and other consumer electronic devices. In addition to supporting Entone, Siemens also supports set-top boxes from leading vendors such as Amino Communications and Thomson.

  • In November 2004, Entone Technologies introduced its "Hydra" multi-television IP Video Gateway, which is able to support up to three simultaneous television streams and broadband Internet access over existing residential coaxial cabling. Whereas previous generations of IP set-top boxes required a separate box for each television in the home, Hydra is a single gateway device that can be shared by up to six televisions with any three of them receiving independent, simultaneous video streams. Video delivery within the home takes place over existing coaxial cabling. Entone is providing network interfaces for both ADSL2+ and FTTH/Ethernet deployments.


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