Sunday, December 11, 2005

Renesys Provides Real-time Monitoring/Analysis of Global Internet Traffic

Renesys Corporation introduced a Web-based service that gives service providers and government agencies a new level of operational and competitive intelligence as it relates to the Global Internet. The Renesys service enables customers to uniquely view Internet routes in real-time from multiple vantage points, including real time data on which Internet routes have been activated or deactivated by competitors. Renesys generates its data by monitoring routing tables across the Internet and tracking changes as they occur in real-time. The company also provides a historical view of routing table changes.

Renesys' Internet intelligence services are a set of three services already in deployment with leading service providers and government agencies: "Routing Intelligence", "Market Intelligence", and "XML Connection".

Routing Intelligence: Provides the detailed, immediate information service providers and government agencies need to detect and correct slowdowns or interruptions to mission-critical Internet connections. Routing Intelligence provides detailed forensics and analytic capabilities that include the ability to correlate routing information across different time periods and from multiple sources, and the ability to display information in an easy-to-read tabular and graph-based format. The comprehensive "History" option allows customers to view and analyze historic information dating back to 2000. Routing Intelligence is also available with an Alarms option, which provides real-time alerts when mission-critical networks become unreachable, IP addresses are hijacked, Global routes are unstable, or policies are violated. It is also the first and only product that can instantly detect and report such problems when they occur outside the service provider's infrastructure. Customers can use this information to provide higher throughput and greater reliability than their competitors, and lower their support costs (and improve customer satisfaction) by finding and fixing problems before they impact subscribers.

Market Intelligence: Provides the first set of reference analysis tools to enable sales, marketing, business development and peering professionals to monitor and evaluate the Internet's competitive landscape. This is essentially a real-time map of 180,000 networks and 30,000 organizations worldwide that make up the Internet. This data contains competitive information--on the Global, national, and regional rankings of all service providers based on the actual measured number and quality of customer networks they help connect to the Global Internet. Market Intelligence also provides annotated lists of service providers' current customers, including their geographic distribution and an analysis of the services they currently receive from competing providers, as well as daily changelists for the service provider sales force that visibly track global customer wins and/or those service providers who have been chosen as the primary provider, or bumped to secondary provider, plus longer-term trends of market performance from competing providers. Additionally, the solution offers side-by-side comparisons of the vital statistics of multiple service providers, including relative analyses of their Internet Index placements, measurements of their customer bases and their regional strengths and weaknesses.

XML Connection: A set of APIs that allow users to integrate real-time XML inter-network monitoring data into enterprise operations and security monitoring systems. This lowers the cost and increases the effectiveness of the service provider's network monitoring functions.