Sunday, December 11, 2005

Mobilic Debuts Multimedia Processor for Mobile Video

Mobilic Technology Corporation, a start-up based in Taipei, Taiwan and San Jose, California, introduced its new SoC multimedia processor for the mobile video market. Mobilic processors feature the 200 MHz ARM926 CPU, which offers a software upgrade path for users. The new processors also integrate a video codec supporting MPEG4 and H.263 standards, an MP3 decoder, a 2D graphics acceleration engine, and interfaces for high-resolution LCD, TV, Ethernet and USB. In addition, the multimedia processors support high-performance video recording/playback with numerous peripheral interfaces. The USB host feature allows direct connection between two cell phones allowing users to share images, video and data immediately. The processor also has a built-in PC camera feature and permits immediate viewing of images or video on TV by using an AV interface.

Mobilic initially is offering two devices -- one for low-power mobile devices such as cell phones, and another for applications where higher performance and network connectivity are required (personal media players, digital camcorders, PDAs, GPSs and handheld entertainment devices, etc.). Future products will include an H.264 codec, a digital TV decoder supporting DVB-T and DVB-H, integrated wireless communications functionality, and a Global Positioning System (GPS) solution.

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