Sunday, December 11, 2005

MCI Carries Native 40 Gbps Wavelengths in Metro Network

MCI conducted a technology trial in October and November in which it carried 74 channels of 10 Gbps traffic and 2 channels of 40 Gbps traffic over 38 individual 80 km spans of standard single mode fiber around the Dallas metro area. The trial used the Xtera all-Raman DWDM system, Mintera advanced modulation format long reach OC768 transponders, and Juniper Networks T640 IP routers with OC768 short reach interfaces.

http://www.mci.comIn May 2004, MCI first demonstrated high-capacity Internet technology by successfully transmitting the world's first 40 Gbps IP traffic using MCI optical network fiber between San Francisco, California, and San Jose, California. That was followed weeks later with MCI extending the reach of 40 Gbps wavelengths to 1,200 km, using the company's ULH backbone network between Sacramento, Calif., and Salt Lake City, Utah.

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