Sunday, December 4, 2005

LSI Logic Introduces HDTV DVD Recorder Processors

LSI Logic introduced ATSC-compliant HDTV DVD recorder system processors. Based on the LSI DoMiNo architecture, DMN-8633 and DMN-8683 are highly-integrated, single-chip processors capable of simultaneously decoding and displaying HDTV content, while recording content onto DVD.

LSI Logic said that to address the FCC mandate that requires peripheral TV equipment such as VCRs and DVD recorders to be ATSC-compliant by March 2007, DVD recorder manufacturers will need to add HDTV/ATSC tuner capability (consisting of a digital tuner, an 8VSB demodulator, and an ATSC-compliant HD decoder processor) to their existing DVD recorder systems. The DMN-8633/83 processors both decode and display full HD video via HDMI, with DMN-8683 providing the additional capability of enabling time-shifting of HD video -- high-definition DVR capabilities.

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