Wednesday, December 14, 2005

LG Ranked #2 in U.S. Market for Handsets

LG Electronics MobileComm has captured the number two spot across all mobile phone manufacturers in terms of shipment volumes in the U.S. for Q3 2005, according to figures from IDC reported by the company.

LG sold 7.8 million handsets in the U.S. in Q3, giving it an overall market share of 19.6%.

In addition to rising to the number two position in mobile phone shipments in the U.S., LG gained the number one ranking in terms of sales of CDMA phones globally for the third quarter of 2005. LG's overall global market share for CDMA phones jumped 5.1% for a total of 24.3%. In addition, sales of CDMA phones in the U.S. for Q3 of 2005 sustained its number one ranking.


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