Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Level 3 to Provide VoIP for United Online

Level 3 will provide underlying telecommunications services for a new consumer VoIP service from, United Online, a provider of consumer Internet subscription services. NetZero Voice, which was launched in November 2005, provides:

  • Free unlimited PC-to-PC calling

  • Free voicemail with online message center

  • Free NetZero e-mail account

  • Instant messaging

  • Caller ID

  • Call waiting

  • Call blocking

  • A personal telephone number with choice of area code

  • Up to two GB of e-mail and voicemail storage

  • 3-way calling

  • "Find Me Follow Me" call forwarding, which allows incoming calls to be forwarded to up to five phone numbers in succession and answered on any telephone.

Level 3 provides United Online with its (3)VoIP Local Inbound Service and (3)Voice Termination.