Wednesday, December 14, 2005

KPN Moves its Employee Communications to Nortel VoIP

KPN has announced it is moving its employee communications to an all IP-based platform based on Nortel's Communications Server 1000. Roll-out of the new voice and multimedia capability across KPN will occur in phases beginning in February 2006. Specifically, KPN is using Nortel's Communications Server 1000 to provide 20,000 voice over IP users. Among these 20,000 employees an initial 12,000 employees will also be using Nortel's Multimedia Communications Server 5100 for voice, data, messaging, video and presence awareness.

Using Nortel's multimedia communications platform, KPN's employees will be able to use their PDAs, laptops and PCs for voice, instant message, file sharing, email and video conference applications. KPN's employee communications will be further enhanced by presence awareness.