Sunday, December 11, 2005

JDSU Supplies Handheld Testers for U.S. ADSL2/2+ and IPTV Rollout

JDSU has shipped more than 500 HST-3000 handheld service testers as part of a multi-million dollar follow-on order from one of the largest U.S. telecommunications service providers, making it the carrier's preferred solution for ADSL2/2+ and IP video testing. The JDSU HST-3000 IP video test suite, coupled with the ADSL2/2+ and copper test features, is already used by the customer for its rollout.

The modular, handheld HST-3000 supports physical layer analysis through packet metrics, signaling analysis and voice quality determination and also allows packet capture of live VoIP calls, including VoIP call storage and an integrated FTP capability to send captured VoIP calls for analysis by JDSU's PVA-1000 software.

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