Sunday, December 4, 2005

Intel and ST Announce Common Memory Subsystem for Mobiles

STMicroelectronics and Intel announced a common flash memory subsystem to lower development costs for handset OEMs and enable them to get to market faster with feature-rich phones. The two companies agreed to provide hardware- and software-compatible NOR flash memory products based on common specifications.

The deal creates a "second source" for NOR flash products and subsystems marks the first time that ST and Intel have worked together on common memory specifications. The first Multi-Level Cell (MLC) NOR products based on the common specifications are 512 Mbit devices independently designed and manufactured on industry-leading 90nm process technology. These products are now available from the two companies. The common subsystem specifications will also extend to 65nm MLC NOR technology and will focus on single-chip 1 Gb MLC NOR products.

According to industry research firm iSuppli, 92.8% of the embedded flash memory shipping in handsets is NOR flash memory. Intel and ST provide more than 40% of the NOR flash memory in handsets today.

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