Thursday, December 1, 2005

British and German Unions Seek EC Support in Ericsson/Marconi Deal

British unions Amicus, TGWU and GMB and the German unions Verdi and IG Metall are seeking the support of the European Commission in the issue of Ericsson's proposed takeover of Marconi. Marconi employs around 3800 employees in the UK, of which 1700 will transfer to Ericsson once the sale is completed. Ericsson employs around 700 in the UK and a further 1700 employees in Ireland.

Although the unions support the sale to Ericsson, they are seeking assurances on the merger. The unions also want guarantees from the two companies on their members pay and conditions.

"We support the principle of the sale of the Marconi business to Ericsson. However neither company has yet provided the assurances on job security, terms and conditions and pensions that we have sought," said Peter Skyte, Amicus National Officer.

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