Thursday, December 8, 2005

BellSouth Endorses IPTV A La Carte Programming Model

BellSouth announced its endorsement of the "a-la-carte" video programming model recently endorsed by FCC Chairman Kevin Martin and some Members of Congress. In a statement, Herschel Abbott, BellSouth vice president governmental affairs, said:

"IPTV, which can be delivered over phone lines, fundamentally is about offering consumers competitive choice in video programming. Currently, one of the most significant business obstacles new competitive entrants face in offering innovative technologies like IPTV is the existing local franchising process and lack of a streamlined franchising framework.

"But as we contemplate the future of our video business, we are fully supportive of Chairman Martin's call for a la carte and family friendly programming tiers. IPTV holds much promise for the consumer and greater programming options is just one example of how consumers will benefit by having choice in video service providers. As long as content can be acquired in a manner that allows flexibility, we would look forward to meeting the needs of our customers with even more choice through a la carte and family-tiered offerings."