Thursday, December 1, 2005

AOL Launches New Security Suite

AOL launched a new Safety and Security Center to protect its users against viruses, spyware, phishing attacks, identity theft, and other online threats. Among the safety and security features found in the AOL Safety and Security Center:

  • Virus protection powered by McAfee that is automatically-updated.

  • AOL Spyware Protection 2.0 with four different levels of protection against more than 28,000 known spyware, adware, and sneakware programs. ASP 2.0, powered by CA, is automatically updated to help protect users against new and emerging threats.

  • Phishing protection that helps prevent theft of personal information by blocking access to known phishing sites when members are using the AOL software or the new AOL Explorer browser.

  • A leading firewall, powered by McAfee.

  • Robust Parental Controls that allow parents to configure custom controls, such as an online timer and a regular AOL Guardian "report card" of their children's activity online.

  • AOL Money Alerts to help protect members from offline identity theft by warning them whenever a credit card charge or bank account transaction is made over a preset limit.

  • A single unified console that updates users about the status of all of the AOL security software on their computer, including anti-virus, spyware protection, firewall, phishing protection, Parental Controls, spam protection, pop-up controls, and more.

  • Easy-to-adjust settings, with a default setting that automatically does a comprehensive scan of members' computers at regular intervals for online threats.

  • One-click combined virus and spyware scans.

  • Home network monitoring through Network Magic.

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