Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Westell Integrates Entropic Chipset for BB Gateway

Westell is using Entropic's c.LINK 270 chipset for its new line of home networking routers for IPTV and video delivery. Westell's UltraLine II is a broadband gateway that provides for delivery of full-motion video using built-in QoS, over a variety of LAN and WAN access delivery systems including Ethernet for FTTP, VDSL2, and Bonded ADSL2+. To simplify installation and eliminate the need for new wiring, a single connection links the UltraLine II to the customer's existing in-home coaxial cabling, providing 100 Mbps of network throughput around the home entertainment LAN, in addition to providing a WAN access link on the same coax at a different frequency.
Multi-room video sharing is supported.

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