Sunday, November 20, 2005

Veraz Adds Compact Media Gateway

Veraz Networks introduced a compact media gateway designed for distributed low-density sites that previously were not economically viable to serve due to costly TDM backhaul.

The I-Gate 4000 EDGE is a compact and fully redundant VoIP platform that provides the same toll quality voice and high availability features of the higher density systems in the Veraz I-Gate 4000 family. The modular design scales up for sites requiring up to 500 concurrent calls while efficiently scaling down to sites requiring less than 100 concurrent calls. The platform offers interoperability with multiple softswitch platforms.

Veraz said the I-Gate 4000 EDGE gateway can be leveraged for diverse compression, switching, and enhanced service applications including VoIP Trunking, Softswitch-based Toll/Tandem Switching, legacy PBX Access, mobile network compression and switching. It enables carriers to implement both compressed backhaul and local switching applications with the ability to transport compressed voice, fax, SS7, and ISDN-PRI signaling information over IP networks. With unique compressed TDM bearer capabilities, even existing leased TDM links can benefit from up to 1000% capacity increase. Carriers create a more efficient and cost-effective network architecture with distributed media and centralized call control and signaling resources in a few strategic locations.

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