Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Trilithic to Provide Emergency Alerts for Nortel's IPTV

Trilithic's Emergency Alert Systems will be offered as a part of Nortel's IPTV Ecosystem. As Trilithic's E.A.S. provides FCC mandated National Level Alerts for notifying the TV-watching public, as well as interruptions for National Weather Service weather warnings and the Amber Alert.

Trilithic's Emergency Alert System for IPTV provides a digital solution capable of various configurations for local and centralized channel insertion, and the flexibility of no channel insertion. Through a user-defined configuration, the E.A.S. alert message text and digitized audio is delivered on the IP network via Ethernet to a middleware server, or to a companion Encoder/Decoder in the Super Headend or Video Hub Office for distribution to an entire region or market with minimal hardware requirements.

Trilithic supplies E.A.S. solutions for broadband cable, low-power FM, broadcast TV and IPTV.

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