Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Thomson Supplies Digital Cable Set-Top Box to Kabel Deutschland

Kabel Deutschland, Germany's leading cable operator, has certified Thomson's DCI1500G cable set-top box for deployment in its network.

The DCI1500 features Nagravision's CAK6.0G digital security platform and conditional access to protect against hacking and piracy. The STB provides a multitude of features for digital TV subscribers, including access to free and Pay-TV programmes, home cinema-quality audio and a seven day electronic program guide. It comes with three language options - German, English and Turkish - and offers family-oriented functions such as parental control channel blocking with a pin-code system.

  • With over 19 million homes connected to cable TV services, Germany has Europe's largest cable subscriber base. The German government has mandated a migration to digital cable by 2010.

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