Monday, November 7, 2005

SureWest Leverages BigBand for HDTV over IP

SureWest Communications has expanded its use of the BigBand BMR(Broadband Multimedia-Service Router) to facilitate the delivery of HDTV over its IP-based FTTP network.

SureWest currently utilizes the BigBand BMR to enable over 240 channels of live video and music programs, pay-per-view, and conversion of multimedia content for IP distribution. SureWest leverages functionality that controls channel line-ups, enhances video quality and boosts bandwidth efficiency.

The BigBand BMR receives separate variable bit rate satellite video feeds combined within a multi- program transport stream with control over each one's carriage on the operator's network. Each program is adjusted to a constant bit rate, re- multiplexed and encapsulated within a UDP-IP stream for delivery over an IP network. This functionality is designed to assure efficient, reliable and jitter-free video transport within available bandwidth in compliance with access network and subscriber device tolerances and protocols.

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