Sunday, November 13, 2005

Siemens Secures IPTV Content with Verimatrix

Siemens will integrate Verimatrix's Content Authority System (VCAS) into its SURPASS Home Entertainment portfolio, providing broadband operators with additional controls to guard against IPTV video and content piracy. The SURPASS Home Entertainment solution also includes integrated security and management solutions provided by middleware from Myrio, a Siemens company.

Verimatrix's VCAS, already part of the Siemens Home Entertainment solution deployed by KPN Royal Dutch Telecom, allows devices and systems within media delivery networks to be encrypted and authenticated through a public key infrastructure (PKI) that identifies security breaches and unauthorized network users.

By embedding user-specific digital watermarks within video content, the Verimatrix solution captures complete histories of file usage and detects the individual's set-top box where piracy is occurring.

VCAS can embed three types of watermarks to track usage: within the primary data center, at each edge site (or point of presence) and a third user-specific watermark on each client device.

Additionally, Verimatrix's Legal Action Management System tracks pirated content, identifies hackers and helps provide operators with the ability to deter hackers, resulting in a reduced likelihood of future piracy infringements.

  • Verimatrix protects content and video streams, as well as detects digital piracy at its point of origin, with carrier-class solutions designed specifically for today's bi-directional IPTV networks. Verimatrix developed VCAS as a software-based content security solution built on the principles of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and X509 digital certificates combined with digital watermarks. VCAS inserts three different types of watermarks so that the complete history of a media file can be determined: within the primary data center, at each edge site (or point-of-presence), and a third watermark, called a user-specific watermark, on each client device.

  • The user-specific digital watermark is a machine readable electronic fingerprint, which is embedded in the video stream. The watermark is invisible to the eye, but survives the transition from digital to analog and also commonly-used transcoding methods. The absence of one or more watermarks means that acts of piracy are being conducted before the media file arrives at the individual's set-top box.

  • Verimatrix is based in San Diego.

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