Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Samsung Unveils Wireless Softswitch, Media Gateway; Core Network Solution

Samsung Telecommunications America unveiled a new CDMA core network solution that the company expects to offer commercially to U.S. wireless network operators by the end of Q1 2006. The solution includes a Wireless Softswitch (WSS) for the U.S. and a Media Gateway (MGW).

Samsung said its core network solution is a next-generation mobile switching center (MSC) that gives wireless operators a highly flexible, scaleable architecture that supports an open architecture operating system and shares a common server platform for WCDMA (MSC server), CDMA (WSS), Wireline (SS) and IMS Server Applications. It continues to support legacy wireless services such as voicemail, SMS, push-to-talk, and music ring-back tones.

Specifically, Samsung's WSS supports next-generation network protocols SIP, VoiceXML, and Megaco, making it a future-ready solution that allows subscribers to migrate to new, advanced packet-based IMS services via a simple software upgrade. Samsung's IMS provides wireless services including VoIP, multimedia conferencing, networked gaming, location-based services, instant messaging, and IP-TV.

Samsung's wireless and broadband network systems portfolio includes various Base Stations (In- building, Pico, Micro, Macro) that support CDMA 2000, WCMDA, and Mobile WiMax.

Samsung's Softswitch (SS) solution has been incorporated into its common platform in South Korea and the Netherlands. The company is the leading supplier of mobile switching centers in South Korea.

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