Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sagem and ST Debut First Single-Chip MPEG4 Set-top Box

Sagem introduced the first MPEG4 set-top boxes based on a single-chip decoder. The new advanced range of STBs from Sagem employs ST's next-generation MPEG4 decoder chip for HDTV, the STB7100.

Sagem's first two STBs available in the new family are standard-definition (SDTV) models, the SAGEM ITD80 for Pay and Free-to-air DTT (digital terrestrial TV) broadcast reception, selected by CANAL+, and the SAGEM ITAD80 for both IPTV and Free-to-air DTT, already selected by several operators. Before the end of this year, Sagem will expand its new MPEG4 range of STBs, all based on ST's STB7100 decoder family, to include new HDTV-capable models for all transmission media (satellite, cable, terrestrial, and IP).

ST's single-chip MPEG4 decoder, which is implemented in 90nm process technology, embeds all the major functions of a STB in a single device, including a high-performance CPU, video-decoding circuitry, and a wide range of peripheral devices.

Sagem said it expects to ship at least 100,000 MPEG4 STBs by the end of 2005. Announced customers include France Telecom and Telecom Italia for the SAGEM ITAD80 for IPTV and free-to-air DTT (Digital Terrestrial TV), and Canal Plus for the SAGEM ITD80 for free-to-air and pay DTT.

  • In June 2004, STMicroelectronics and Microsoft announced a partnership to develop a series of new integrated circuit components for extending the reach of high-quality, secure Windows Media 9 Series content, in both standard and high definition, to a wide range of popular devices such as set-top boxes and DVD players. ST will supply these new components to consumer electronics manufacturer for use in set-top boxes, DVD players, digital video recorders (DVRs), Portable Media Centers, home-networking devices, etc. In addition to standard formats, the devices will includes the following audio and video technologies: Windows Media Audio 9, Windows Media Audio 9 Professional (which delivers 5.1 or even 7.1 channels of discrete digital surround sound at bit rates as low as 128 kbps, and supports 24-bit resolution and 96 kHz sample rates to deliver better-than-CD quality sound), and Windows Media Video 9 (including VC-9).

  • ST launched the world's first integrated MPEG2 decoder STB chips in the mid 1990s.

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