Sunday, November 13, 2005

Ruckus Wireless Debuts Wireless Access Gateway for Metro WiFi

Ruckus Wireless, a start-up based in Mountain View, California, introduced the first in a family of broadband wireless home gateways - the Ruckus MetroFlex - designed for MetroMesh Wi-Fi networks.

Problems with metro-scale Wi-Fi networks include inadequate range, performance fluctuations, unstable wireless connectivity and broadband performance degradation due to interference.

The new Ruckus MetroFlex 2201, available in January 2006, integrates the company's patent-pending "BeamFlex" smart antenna technology, which features a six-element dynamic antenna array capable of transmitting RF signals in 63 unique antenna patterns and orientations.

A MetroMesh subscriber using the Ruckus MetroFlex 2201 can connect to the optimum MetroMesh Wi-Fi node based on signal quality, network performance and other service provider-specific parameters. The MetroFlex 2201 continuously monitors the signal quality as well as performance of the broadband wireless connection. Upon signal degradation caused by motion in the signal path such as a moving car or interference from nearby RF devices, the MetroFlex 2201 automatically adjusts the antenna configuration to receive signals and steer transmissions over an alternative optimum path. Automatic interference avoidance technology in the MetroFlex 2201 attenuates signals from interfering devices while increasing receive sensitivity toward the service provider infrastructure, making it the ideal MetroMesh customer premises equipment (CPE) for dense urban environments.

Ruckus Wireless has a joint marketing and development partnership with Tropos Networks to offer service providers a scalable and manageable broadband wireless infrastructure solution. The companies will guarantee interoperability and optimum connectivity between their products.

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