Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Route1 Introduces USB Thin-Client MobiKEY for Remote Computing

Toronto-based Route1 introduced its "MobiKEY USB thin-client for instant, secure remote computing. The device plugs into a USB port to turn any Internet-connected Microsoft Windows computer into a secure Virtual Private Office, with computing, applications and data located elsewhere behind a firewall.

The MobiKEY device auto-runs from on-board read-only memory and its SIM Smart Card authenticate users with Route1's MobiNET service, which allows office systems to connect to the guest computer. The solution is virus, malware and attack resistant and the MobiKEY is not a node on the corporate network. The company said its instant off design never leaves traces of user's work on the guest system and should the device be lost or stolen the unit can be switched off by MobiNET. MobiKEY users can 'telecommute' with up to five host systems while IT administrators can control even more.

Route1's MobiKEY supports systems with Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003 with wireless or wired connection to the Internet. MobiKEY will be priced at US$399 along with a monthly subscription to Route1's MobiNET service at US$20.

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