Sunday, November 6, 2005

NETGEAR's New Wireless MIMO Products Reach Up to 240 Mbps

NETGEAR unveiled its RangeMax 240 family of wireless networking products, claiming the ability to reach wireless speeds of 240 Mbps and the ability to eliminate dead spots.

The products leverage "True MIMO" Gen 3 technology from Airgo Networks, which uses spatial multiplexing to stream multiple data streams over a single channel, new "Adaptive Channel Expansion")technology for dynamically increasing performance to support bandwidth-intensive applications in a Wi-Fi friendly way, and automatic channel selection to provide the clearest and most available channel connections. True MIMO Gen 3 also offers full speed hardware accelerated encryption for the 128 bit AES, TKIP and WEP standards as well as quality of service mechanisms for video, voice and audio.

NETGEAR said the higher speeds enabled by MIMO would allow it to handle simultaneous bandwidth-intensive applications such as high-definition video, VoIP, streaming audio, and online gaming.

"Consumers are becoming increasingly interested in network-connected devices such as digital video recorders and digital audio/video players for sharing multimedia throughout the home. Add these to the rapidly growing array of portable digital music players, digital still and video cameras, and online game consoles and it quickly becomes apparent that network bandwidth is becoming a critical component of the networked home, especially in an expanding wireless environment," explained Mike Wolf, Director at InfoTrends Research Group.