Monday, November 21, 2005

NEC Selects Ikanos for New VDSL Equipment

NEC Magnus Communications has selected Ikanos' Fx 100100 and Fx100100S-4 chipsets to deliver up to 100 Mbps symmetrical data services in new versions of its broadband access products.

NEC Magnus has used Ikanos' VDSL chipsets in its access platforms and customer premises equipment for three years, most recently in systems that deliver up to 100 Mbps downstream and 50 Mbps upstream performance in MTU/MDU applications. With the latest Fx and FxS series chipsets, NEC Magnus can now offer systems providing up to 100 Mbps symmetrical data rates. Moreover, the Fx and FxS chipsets are designed to be backwards-compatible with previously deployed Ikanos Fx and FxS chipsets, in order to accelerate and reduce the cost of equipment upgrades by carriers.

Japanese carriers have been deploying in-building, fiber-fed access platforms in combination with VDSL over existing building wiring to deliver high-speed broadband services in multi-tenant and multi-dwelling buildings.

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