Monday, November 7, 2005

Motorola Invests in Tekion for Micro Fuel Cells

Motorola Ventures has made a strategic investment in Tekion, a start-up developing micro fuel cells for mobile products. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Tekion, which has operations in both Champaign, Illinois and Burnaby, British Columbia, is integrating advanced battery technology with a unique micro fuel cell technology to create a new "personal power source", known as the "Formira" Power Pack, that will fit inside mobile products and enable consumers to stay connected for as long as needed. It will operate in the power range of milliwatts to 50 watts and energy range of 10 to 100 watt-hours. Several products and markets fall within these power and energy levels including: industrial handheld computers, satellite communication devices, notebook PCs, and other mobile products.

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