Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Macedonia Deploys Country-Wide Wireless Mesh with Strix

The Republic of Macedonia will deploy a country-wide wireless mesh network using Strix Systems' Access/One Outdoor Wireless System (OWS). The 1,000+ square-mile deployment is funded and deployed by Macedonian service provider On.Net and will be used to provide high speed data, voice, and video capabilities to the entire population of over two million people.

On.Net has already deployed Strix's high-performance, multi-radio wireless mesh throughout Macedonia's capital city of Skopje, which provides wireless broadband capabilities to the nearly one million inhabitants.

Strix said its equipment was selected after a multi-month trial. Due to the mountainous terrain of Macedonia and the inherent throughput limitations of single- and dual-radio solutions, all other systems failed to provide acceptable levels of performance for even basic data services, not to mention real-time services like wireless VoIP (wVoIP).

Strix's multi-radio wireless mesh networking system dedicates radios for each separate function of the mesh (client access, backhaul ingress, and backhaul egress). Moving forward, On.Net will also be a standardizing on Strix's Access/One products and has created a model for deploying broadband wireless in other developing countries based on the capabilities of Strix's technology.

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