Tuesday, November 29, 2005

HP Unveils OpenCall Media Platform for IMS

HP unveiled a new version of its OpenCall Media Platform to help telecom carriers deliver blended voice, data and multimedia services across wireless, wireline and broadband networks.

The new OpenCall Media Platform Media Resource Function (MRF) provides a foundation for advanced multimedia and interactive services in emerging Internet Protocol Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) networks.

Current and planned capabilities include audio and voice services (interactive voice response, voicemail, conferencing) as well as a wide range of multimedia, collaborative and interactive services such as video mail, video conferencing, participation TV and music sharing.

A key feature of the HP OpenCall Media Platform MRF is that it can support the real-time, simultaneous blending of voice, data and multimedia services on IMS networks. For example, in an IMS network, wireless users can create an audio or video conference, share photos and messages and provide location-specific information -- all in one integrated session that is seamless and easy for the callers.

HP also announced with Movial and Ubiquity Software a new service called Mobile MusicSharing. The service enables mobile users to join in a conference call, listen to their favorite music and talk about it at the same time -- all in a secure session that protects digital copyrights. The integrated solution includes HP OpenCall Media Platform, Movial's Connect application for IMS and Ubiquity Software's SIP Application Server.

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