Sunday, November 6, 2005

Hong Kong PCCW Deploys Juniper for Video/Broadband

PCCW, Hong Kong's incumbent carrier, has deployed Juniper Networks E-series Broadband Services Routers and SDX Service Deployment System to enable its IP-based video on demand (VoD) services. The Juniper Networks solution enables PCCW to dynamically allocate bandwidth for and assure the quality of service (QoS) of its now Broadband TV VoD service and its web-based streaming video service. Financial terms were not disclosed.

PCCW has deployed the E-series Broadband Services Routers at the edge of its IP network to aggregate broadband traffic, apply QoS policies and deliver unicast VoD sessions. The SDX-300 Service Deployment System works in conjunction with the E-series and the end-user's set-top box, enabling PCCW to deploy and account for individual VoD sessions. When a VoD session is initiated, the SDX signals the E-series router to adjust bandwidth allocations and apply the appropriate QoS policies, ensuring the quality of each customer's experience.

  • PCCW currently has over 450,000 subscribers for its "now Broadband TV" service.