Monday, November 21, 2005

Force10 Powers Fifteen of the Top 100 Fastest Supercomputers

Fifteen of the world's 100 fastest supercomputers are using Force10 Networks' TeraScale E-Series family of switch/routers, including two of the top 10, according to a list published by

Force10 Networks said the current Top500 list illuminates several transitions occurring within high performance computing environments. Chief among these is a movement of supercomputing technologies from research and education organizations into the enterprise with 53% of the world's largest supercomputers being operated within commercial organizations from a variety of vertical markets. Additionally, nearly 50% of the world's fastest computing networks are connected with Ethernet while Infiniband and other proprietary solutions run a distant second.

In the current list, the top 10 fastest supercomputers all exceeded 20 Teraflops per second or 20 trillion calculations per second, and the entry point for the top 100 moved from 2.026 Teraflops one year ago to 3.98 Teraflops in the current iteration. The total combined performance of all 500 systems on the list is now 2.30 petaflops, compared to 1.127 petaflops just one year ago.

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