Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Cavalier Launches Broadband TV in Richmond, Virginia

Cavalier Telephone is preparing to launch broadband video services o residential customers beginning in Richmond, Virginia next month. The service offering, called Cavalier Broadband TV, will allow users to receive 150 digital video and music channels, a full featured interactive program guide, on-screen caller ID, and digital set top boxes. The Broadband TV service offering will be bundled with existing its existing telephone and broadband Internet service.

Cavalier is using MPEG4 video over fiber optic or ADSL2+.

Cavalier's "Triple Play" will offer local and long distance phone service, high speed DSL internet and 150 channels, for $95 a month.

In greater Richmond, Cavalier will leverage its existing broadband network, which delivers downloads speeds of up to 15 mbps and passes an estimated 150,000 homes.

Cavalier also announced plans to rollout video services in its other markets, including; Norfolk, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Delaware and Northern Virginia in the coming months.

  • Cavalier Telephone is using Amino's MPEG 4 set-top box, Tut Systems' Astria content processor video headend and edge-processing solutions, and SecureMedia's Encryptonite System CA/DRM software to secure the delivery of IPTV services.

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