Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Caspian and Verilink Targets Multimedia Service Assurance Architecture

Caspian and Verilink are developing a joint Multimedia Service Assurance Architecture (MSAA) to help service providers manage service level agreements (SLAs), create new revenue opportunities for tiered services, and improve quality-of-experience (QoE) for service subscribers. Key elements of the MSAA will include new multimedia access gateways from Verilink, which are deployed at customer sites, and Caspian flow-based media controllers deployed at network peering or aggregation points.

The companies said their joint architecture will enable service providers to establish and enforce policies for fair use of their network resources. With the ability to control peer-to-peer (P2P) traffic and effectively allocate bandwidth for premium multimedia IP services, service providers will be able to guarantee true end-to-end QoS and high QoE for broadband subscribers of gaming, VoIP, VoD, and future IP services.

"The Multimedia Service Assurance Architecture represents the industry's first traffic management solution that gives service providers control over individual traffic flows. With policy-based bandwidth, service providers will be able to easily prioritize premium traffic over basic services and prevent peer-to-peer download traffic from negatively affecting service quality," said Junaid Islam, vice president for technology strategy and marketing for Caspian.

"Converging IP services over a network brings QoS and bandwidth issues to the forefront of service providers' decision-making processes," said Sab Gosal, vice president of marketing at Verilink. "Of prime concern is how to ensure QoS through a multitude of connections, where bandwidth is necessarily limited. The Verilink and Caspian alliance provides an end-to-end technology solution that dramatically improves users' quality of experience and accelerates service providers' abilities to guarantee profitable, fair use of network resources."http://www.caspian.com

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