Monday, November 7, 2005

BellSouth Selects Lucent for IMS

BellSouth has selected elements from Lucent's IMS-based (IP Multimedia Subsystem) solution, including network integration and technical support, to be the platform for BellSouth's VoIP service for residential customers in its nine-state territory.

Under the multiyear agreement, BellSouth will deploy components of the Lucent IMS portfolio, including the Lucent Network Controller, a softswitch technology-based product that provides the media gateway control functions traditionally found in a softswitch, to enable consumer VoIP services. In addition, BellSouth will deploy the Lucent Network Gateway, which provides the media gateway function and permits seamless interaction between IP networks and both traditional wireline and wireless networks. The Lucent Network Controller and the Lucent Network Gateway are elements of Lucent's IMS-based solution that integrate into an IMS architecture.

Lucent Worldwide Services will provide end-to-end multivendor network integration services, including network and security design, installation and engineering, and program management. Lucent also will provide multivendor maintenance services, including multivendor technical support. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Lucent's solution lays a foundation for BellSouth's IMS architecture, paving the way for BellSouth to develop, integrate and roll out new, powerful and personalized services, delivering anytime, anywhere access to a "grand slam" of next-generation IP-based services.

"BellSouth's new consumer VoIP capability is a critical component leading to a comprehensive experience that integrates voice, data and video in a way that best meets the needs of the individual customer, helping open the door to a whole new level of personalized services," said Bill Smith, chief technology officer for BellSouth.

  • In October 2005, Lucent announced IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) contracts with Cingular Wireless and SBC Communications.

    For SBC, the Lucent IMS platform, consisting of an array of IMS-related hardware and software products and applications, will enable it to share next-generation customizable IP-based services and applications across different consumer devices. SBC expects to begin introducing services enabled by the IMS platform in late 2006 or early 2007.

    For Cingular Wireless, Lucent was awarded a four-year contract to supply a comprehensive IMS-based solution that will enable Cingular to rapidly develop and launch a broad range of new personalized voice, video, data and multimedia services. Cingular will deploy components of Lucent's Accelerate Next Generation Communications Solutions portfolio, which includes the Lucent Session Manager with service broker function, the new Lucent Feature Server with support for mobile roaming using dual-mode devices, Lucent Unified Subscriber Data Server for wireless and wireline customers, Lucent Network Controller, Lucent Network Gateway, Lucent Communication Manager with next generation features, Lucent Active PhoneBook and Lucent MiLife Application Server.

the IMS Architecture for Service Enabling Next Generation Networks
stave off competition, customer churn, and rebound from the decreasing
rates for local and long distance service, service providers are looking
to evolve or overlay their current networks to enable new revenue
generating converged and next-generation services. The IMS architecture
supports a wide range of services enabled by the flexibility of Session
Initiation Protocol (SIP). It can support multiple application servers
providing traditional telephony services and non-telephony services such
as instant messaging, push-to-talk, video streaming, multimedia
messaging, etc. Here is an overview.

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