Tuesday, November 15, 2005

BellSouth Offers Data Backup over Cingular Wireless

BellSouth launched a Wireless Data Backup service for enterprises that leverages the Cingular Wireless network in case its wireline network goes down.

Wireless Data Backup from BellSouth and Cingular complements any existing data network, including DSL, Frame Relay, Ethernet and Private Line. To integrate the solution into a business network, a redundant router equipped with a wireless PC modem card is connected at each location that requires wireless data backup. A dedicated line is then installed from Cingular's network to the customer's headquarters location to route backup traffic over the private network instead of the public Internet, for added security.

In the event of a wireline network outage, the operational data will be routed seamlessly from the outlying location to headquarters through Cingular's EDGE network, the largest and fastest national wireless data network in the U.S., which delivers average speeds of 70-135 Kbps and is available in 13,000 cities and towns. This solution will also be enabled for Cingular's new UMTS/HSDPA network, which will be launched in 15-20 markets by the end of this year and in most major markets by the end of 2006, and will deliver average speeds of 400-700 Kbps. When the outage is restored, data will immediately resume routing through traditional connections.

Verilink is supplying the CPE for the service.

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