Tuesday, November 1, 2005

ANT Delivers IP STBs in Korea with Micro Network

ANT, a supplier of embedded browser, content control and user interface software for IPTV and consumer electronics, is working with Micro Network Korea Co. Ltd. for local sales and technical support as part of an expansion into Korea. ANT recently announced three new customers in Korea who have licensed ANT Galio through the company's relationship with Micro Network: Kaon Media, Homecast and InfoEq.

  • Kaon Media, is a Korean R&D and manufacturing company focused on the digital terrestrial and satellite broadcasting receiver sector, which has licensed ANT Galio for integration into an IP set-top box and PVR (personal video recorder). The products will be targeted to operator customers in Europe, the Middle East, India, Korea and China.

  • Homecast, a global set-top-box supplier in Korea focused on research, development and manufacturing of receivers for digital satellite, terrestrial and cable broadcasting, will also target Europe, the Middle East, India, Korea and China with an IP set-top box featuring ANT Galio.

  • InfoEQ is a leading manufacturer of IP set-top boxes and video on demand systems in Korea. The company will use ANT Galio in targeting customers in Japan and Korea with a new IP set-top box.

In addition, ANT announced the opening of a new support and development centre in Shanghai to provide local service and expertise to China's rapidly growing IPTV market.