Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A new Internet2 Land Speed Record for IPv6

An international team has set a new Internet2 Land Speed Record (I2-LSR) for IPv6 by achieving a 5.58 Gbps transfer rate over more than 30,000 km, setting a new record of 167,400 Terabit-meters/second. The I2-LSR team more than doubled the performance of the previous record, surpassing it by 131%.

The data path originated at the University of Tokyo and was switched in Chicago, traveled back to Tokyo, then to Seattle, and finally back to Tokyo.

Foundry's NetIron 40G IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack routers were configured with 10-Gigabit Ethernet interfaces (10-GE WAN PHY) connecting to the trans-oceanic optical transport network. The record establishes new performance benchmarks for the IPv6 Single Stream and the Multiple Stream categories of the open competition.

I2-LSR is an open competition for the highest-bandwidth performance over long distances.

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