Sunday, October 2, 2005

Zhone Sells Arca-DACS and Sechtor 300 Products to Verilink

Zhone Technologies has sold its Arca-DACS and Sechtor 300 products to Verilink. Zhone will receive 2 million common shares of Verilink in exchange for the inventory, equipment and liabilities associated with the products.

The ARCA-DACS 100 and Sechtor 300 products are suited for grooming fractional T1s at the network access facility, allowing carriers to choose switching granularity from DS3 down to DS0, all in one efficient, effective, and economical platform. The Arca-DACS and Sechtor 300 are OSMINE-certified and Network Equipment Building Standard (NEBS) Level-3 compliant. Both are carrier-class products.

For the past several years, Verilink has been a major OEM of these products with a successful sales and service record of deploying these products at some of the world's largest carriers.

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