Sunday, October 2, 2005

TI Announces VoIP Gateway Platform for T1/E1 Enterprise Applications

Texas Instruments announced a new VoIP gateway platform targeted at T1/E1 enterprise applications and based on its digital signal processing (DSP) technology and Telogy Software. The solution can be implemented in standalone VoIP gateways or as a VoIP gateway card in legacy PBX or IP-PBX applications.

TI said its new TNETV2520 incorporates its newest VoIP software features, including advanced conferencing support with full conferencing bridge services. It is also the first enterprise gateway implementation of TI's enhanced security framework, which includes support for SRTP. Its media independent interface (MII) also allows easier scaling to configure with additional systems as the enterprise expands, supporting multiple instances of T1 or E1.

Additionally, TI's latest VoIP gateway architecture includes voice quality management features, enabling an end-to-end view of voice performance as the end user experiences it by extending how quality is currently monitored and managed on IP networks. TI said this new approach will enable customers to proactively monitor quality with real-time diagnostic tools and historical reporting capabilities, enabling them to identify trends and avert problems before customers are impacted.

The TNETV2520 is currently available with pricing starting at less than $75 for 10K unit volumes.

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