Tuesday, October 4, 2005

TANDBERG Supplies HD Encoding for Undersea Expedition

TANDBERG Television supplied advanced encoding systems for VISIONS '05, a research expedition to the underwater volcanoes of the Juan de Fuca Ridge in the northeast Pacific Ocean led by University of Washington.

Using TANDBERG Television's HD encoder and decoder, the high definition video was compressed and transmitted live from the research vessel over IP satellite to the University of Washington, where it was streamed over the Internet to research facilities across the United States. The seafloor locations are located about 200 miles offshore and HD video links reached 20Mbit/s. The live images of deep-sea volcano research are provided with the highest visual fidelity currently possible using a satellite link, and are available to computer and ocean scientists, engineers, students, and the general public.

The live transmission from the VISIONS '05 research expedition can be viewed http://www.tandbergtv.com/http://www.researchchannel.org/visions05/

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