Monday, October 3, 2005

Sun and Google Form Open Source Alliance

Sun Microsystems and Google announced an alliance to promote and distribute open software technologies as a key enabler for next gen web services. Initially, the companies will make it easier for users to download Sun's Java Runtime Environment (JRE), the Google Toolbar and the office productivity suite. Looking ahead, the companies plan to promote and enhance Sun technologies, like the Java Runtime Environment and the software suite, as part of the industry's larger shift to open source platforms.

Google has also agreed to become a major customer of Sun Microsystems. Further announcements are expected as Google builds out it global web services infrastructure. Sun Microsystems will be a major advertiser on the Google network.

In a press event in Mountain View, California, Scott McNealy, Sun's CEO, described the alliance as a "natural partnership" given both companies' roots in the open source culture. Google's CEO, Eric Schmidt, previously worked for McNealy as CTO and corporate executive officer at Sun Microsystems, where he led the development of Java and defined Sun's Internet software strategy.

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