Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Salira Introduces Standards-based GEPON Product Line

Salira Systems, which is now a subsidiary of Hitachi Communication Technologies, announced general availability of its Salira 3000 platform based on the IEEE 802.3ah protocols for Ethernet PON (EPON). Previously, Salira has offered a proprietary GEPON platform. The new, standards-compliant system uses Teknovus' GEPON chipsets.

Salira's 3000 Series consists of the Salira 2550 Optical Line Terminal (OLT), the Salira 3345 Optical Network Unit (ONU) and the Salira 3350-S ONU. Services are provisioned and maintained by Salira's best-in-class network management system known as SAM (Salira Access Management).

Four Salira 2550 OLTs can be installed in a standard 7 foot rack. The units offer redundant System Controller Cards that control the service line cards. Up to 14 GE-PON Optical Line Cards each delivering two symmetrical Gigabit Ethernet PON links can be installed in the unit to support standards-based services. Each PON link can support up to a 1 to 64 split ratio. Alternately, up to 8 TDM Line Cards supporting OC-3/STM-1 or T1/E1 service can be installed in the unit, with the remaining 6 slots delivering Gigabit Ethernet service.

On the customer premises side, Salira introduced two new standards-based ONUs. The Salira 3345 is a flexible CPE device that is designed to deliver standards-based Ethernet and/or traditional TDM services to end-users in MTU and MDU environments. The device has 2 pluggable slots to support any combination of modular plug-ins: 8 port 10/100BaseT, 8 port DMT VDSL, or 8 port T1/E1.

The Salira 3350-S is an extremely compact CPE device designed to deliver standards-based Fast Ethernet services to individual businesses and residences. The device has a 2 Fast Ethernet ports, and measures 6.5 inches wide by 4.5 inches high.

Carriers using Salira's proprietary 2000 platform can add Salira 3000 line cards in order to deliver standards-based services via standards-based CPE devices. The Salira Access Management (SAM) system can simultaneously manage proprietary and standards-based services.

In conjunction with the product announcement, Salira announced that the Salira 3000 Series is the first EPON product based on the IEEE 802.3ah standard to receive certification from the Ministry of Information Industry (MII) in China.

  • Earlier this year, Hitachi Communication Technologies acquired U.S.-based Salira in a move designed to strengthen its optical access systems businesses. Hitachi is leading supplier of BPON systems in Japan and has developed its own family of GPON optical access solutions as well.

  • Earlier this week, Salira Systems named Dr. Yanming Liu as its new President and CEO. Dr. Liu was inventor and one of the principal developers of Corning's LEAF fiber. Subsequently, he led the international technical marketing of the LEAF fiber, which became a multi-billion dollar product line.

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